Miranda sutherland

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Westfield Miranda was soon eclipsed in size by Westfield Parramatta 's extension. Take some time at the end of the session to borrow some books to read with your child at home. Storytime is our Early Childhood program for children 3 and up, however, younger siblings are most welcome to join in.

Miranda sutherland

In there were five shops in Miranda, including a post office and butcher, at the intersection of the main road from Sutherland and Port Hacking Road. Children are invited to come along and hear stories read aloud, sing songs, watch a film, participate in a S. The smaller Parkside Plaza Shopping Centre containing a supermarket and various grocery shops is located nearby in Wandella Road North.

Miranda sutherland

Miranda sutherland

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  1. Enjoy a chat with other participants after the program Ask permission before taking photos or video.

    They are a fun way to learn new skills and concepts through stories and play.

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