Miracle morning hal elrod

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No matter what your past is, it cannot justify you not achieving everything you want in your life. First, I downloaded this to my Nook and was astonished that it is pages long. It is self-created and is caused when we wish we could change something that is not changeable.

Miracle morning hal elrod

No matter what your past is, it cannot justify you not achieving everything you want in your life. That's a lot of information about an hour in the morning! There is a big difference between a healthy self-assuredness and being closed-minded to something that could change your life.

Miracle morning hal elrod

Miracle morning hal elrod

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  1. I've had the interesting experience of reading Nook books with live links to web content, and for the most part, that's a great way to present changing or frequently-updated content to the reader. This can be a real game-changer to say the least.

    Items mentioned in this episode include: Elrod's background is in multi-level marketing sales, and a LOT of the text reads like a sales speech.


    It is a waste of our energy trying to change something that cannot be.


    Hal Elrod seems like a genuinely nice guy with a dramatic and interesting message.

    After that accident, he turned his life around and is now a motivational speaker, trainer, freestyle rapper, and the writer of a great book called The Miracle Morning.

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