Menstrual cycle emotions

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Since your energy levels are so high during this time, you should continue to enjoy lots of physical activity and high impact workouts, especially group workouts. Estrogen and testosterone gradually decline and the follicle that released the egg will start to produce progesterone, causing this hormone to rise gradually. During this time, the hormone estradiol begins to rise.

Menstrual cycle emotions

It also makes you feel more extroverted and pushes you to be more social and to connect with other people. A clinical trial found that a calcium supplement helped with PMS-related feelings of sadness, irritability, and anxiety. You may feel a sense of release and relief when menstruation starts.

Menstrual cycle emotions

Menstrual cycle emotions

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    This is a great time to do job interviews, ask for a raise, go to networking events, brainstorm and make plans for the future. You can track your cycle and symptoms using a period-tracking app on your phone.

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