Men and feelings

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The idea that men are to remain strong, silent and capable is a total myth, and belongs more in , than Men are bombarded by images and perceptions of masculinity, muscles and bravado, and slowly over time, they are made to believe that being a man entails specific criteria.

Men and feelings

These perceptions of masculinity can lead to a deep sense of shame permeating throughout male culture. They can be seen as vulnerable, stressed, and anxious as well as strong, confident and capable.

Men and feelings

Men and feelings

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  1. Men Substitute Sex for Emotional Intimacy Men are sometimes blamed for being so focused on sex that they give short shrift to emotional intimacy. Here are six things women often get wrong, from psychiatrist Dr.

    Some is deserved, of course.


    But when a woman says "we," what she really means is "I. Sep 13, men , society , suicide , therapy Due to the way young boys are socialised in education and in society, their ability to deal with emotions has been systematically undermined from a young age.

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