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Pronotum with lateral margins indistinct; mesonotum laterally marginate, margins strongly raised dorsally, forming elevated ridges. Description Worker holotype cited first:


Frontal carinae with raised margins sinuate anteriorly, parallel posteriorly; central area concave with poorly indicated frontal furrow. Gaster with numerous, relatively long, erect hairs lining margins of ventral segments and fringe of hairs at gastral apex. Eyes convex, in full face view clearly breaking lateral cephalic outline.



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  1. Anterior clypeal margin with rather narrow, widely emarginate median flange, flanked laterally by distinct, acute denticles.

    Masticatory borders, inner mandibular margins, frontal carinae, pronotal collar, lateral margins of mesonotal and propodeal dorsa and ventral margins of meso-and metapleurae narrowly bordered with dark brown.

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