Meeting christian friends

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Christian friendship is modelled best by Jesus himself when you look at his relationship with the disciples whom he loved even when they dispayed signes of being thouroughly human - ie letting him down as they did on many an occasion. And this gives you a very laid-back way to get to know them more and chat on occasion.

Meeting christian friends

They may simply not have the time or the money right then, or they may not be interested in that particular activity. Christian friends are asked to go against the norm of only being failthful to who those you have something to gain.

Meeting christian friends

Meeting christian friends

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  1. Volunteering is a great way to make a real difference in your community AND also meet some really awesome people!


    See to Christ this was not the important factor - humans are humans and will always be fallible while on the earth.

    You could even arrange some kind of fun event where lots of women can bring their friends and all get to know each other.

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