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Feel free to explore the other modules, supplemental information and resources as you see fit. Content on CoOL The content of CoOL comes from a variety of sources, and we hope that all users will consider contributing some material to the project.

Meet professionals online

Students have the flexibility to tailor their coursework and focus on the areas of greatest importance to their careers. Please help make sure the resources that you value remain accessible. We welcome applications from all.

Meet professionals online

Meet professionals online

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    A physical presence within three continents provides expanded professional opportunities. Matt was as surprised as we were by what he found:

    Interdisciplinary Curriculum Through a curriculum strongly rooted in the study of international economics, international relations, and regional studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS students learn to address multifaceted challenges facing the world today.

    The curriculum prepares students to understand advanced economic theories, strengthen professional quantitative and econometric skills, and assess a wide range of international economic and financial scenarios.

    Content on CoOL The content of CoOL comes from a variety of sources, and we hope that all users will consider contributing some material to the project. The lists are popular, useful, and active, and the combined websites serve members with a usage rate that's times what's exhibited at many similar professional associations--including organizations both inside and outside the field of conservation.

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