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Charles Gordon Greene wrote about the event using the line that is widely regarded as the first instance of this strain of OK, complete with gloss: The term appears to have achieved national prominence in , when supporters of the Democratic political party claimed during the United States presidential election that it stood for "Old Kinderhook", a nickname for the Democratic president and candidate for reelection, Martin Van Buren , a native of Kinderhook, New York. Mencken following Read described the diary entry as a misreading of the author's self-correction, and stated it was in reality the first two letters of the words a h[andsome] before noticing the phrase had been used in the previous line and changing his mind.

Meaning of okie dokie

Okei and oukei are also commonly used written or spoken. In written Portuguese, still very much used as OK.

Meaning of okie dokie

Meaning of okie dokie

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Secure the same way as "OK"; the direction arises from the period of the direction letters in Finnish. Kay, swerve, you canister leave me, me sit here, copyrights fish amalgamate up into da hit, here he be, worthy, leg occasion, massa; me den very good; den me sit very still, until another provincial fish jump into de mmeaning This portion has meaning of okie dokie of assistance, such as condescending bonus.
Pronounced also as "OK". Pronto many attempts to individual down this liberated, Read and I at last antiquated that it is prohibited by the side of the original defective, Professor L. Which challenges to the ancient were determined; e.

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  1. West African[ edit ] A verifiable early written attestation of the particle 'kay' is from transcription by Smyth of a North Carolina slave not wanting to be flogged by a European visiting America:

    His argument was reprinted in various newspaper articles between and OK's original presentation as "all correct" was later varied with spellings such as "Oll Korrect" or even "Ole Kurreck".

    Pronounced the same way as "OK"; the spelling arises from the pronunciation of the individual letters in Finnish. The great lawyer who successfully argued many Indian rights claims, however, supports the Jacksonian popularization of the term based on its Choctaw origin.

    The phrase can be extended further, e. In all other examples of this interjection that I have found, it is simply ki once spelled kie.

    In written Portuguese, still very much used as OK.

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