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So I didn't include a-z in any of the three character classes. This regex is intended to be used with your regex engine's "case insensitive" option turned on. But I have reason to believe he is not for real.

Match email

Supporting internationalized domains opens up a whole can of worms of how the non-ASCII characters should be encoded. If there are hyphens, the group matches each hyphen followed by all letters and digits up to the next hyphen or the end of the domain name. Since the lookahead does not consume the text it matches, the dot is not included in the overall match of this regex.

Match email

Match email

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  1. I made the first mistake, by believing two of your people on match. Not happy but saved money.

    The previous regex does not actually limit email addresses to characters.

    Then they asked me to email to him to get him started. All of these regexes allow the characters.

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