Masculine ear piercings

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Men's Seamless Rings Seamless rings are captive rings that don't have removable parts to complete them. They're most often used in septum piercings, but you can also wear them in cartilage piercings, earlobe piercings and nipple piercings.

Masculine ear piercings

Choose from plain and decorated rings. A number of celebrities and sportsmen pierce their helix to create a chic and flashy look. Prince Albert piercings go through the urethra from either the bottom or top of the penile shaft, and they exit through the urethral opening in the head of the penis.

Masculine ear piercings

Masculine ear piercings

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  1. The most popular ear areas are the helix, earlobes and the outer rim of the ear. The earlobe is perforated at the bottom with a variety of jewellery of distinct sizes.

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