Marzai girls

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The summer season is from April to October where May, is the hottest month, in which temperatures regularly reach C. They have been denied the right to hold peaceful religious gatherings since Rabwah has hot summers and cold winters.

Marzai girls

The formal inauguration of the settlement took place on 20 September after prayers and a sacrifice of five goats at the corners and centre of the area. The first ever building constructed using concrete was the Mahmood Mosque. The winters also bring fog which can reduce the visibility to dangerously low levels.

Marzai girls

Marzai girls

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    These hills are part of the Kirana Hills , also known locally as the Black Mountains, which reach from Sargodha to Jhang. The land was leased by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community following the migration of most of its members from Qadian and other parts of Indian Punjab, to newly created Pakistan.

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