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The average values of the physico-chemical properties were determined. In high concentrations it is caustic and may be used to remove corns, calluses, warts, and other growths.


Materials and Methods All chemicals used were of analytical grade. The liniment formulation containing Cucumeropsis mannii Naud.



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  1. Shaktilabar

    The seeds are washed out after days, and then dried and can be stored. In flavour they resemble groundnuts.

    Salicylic acid which is employed in the preparation of lotions and solutions are used externally on the skin, where it exerts a slight antiseptic action and considerable keratolytic action.

    It is also combined commonly with zinc oxide, sulphur and coal tar.

    They are prepared for consumption by parching and pounding to free the seed-coat from the kernel which can be eaten either raw or cooked, or more usually when ground to powder form it is added to stews. Most liniments contain camphor, oil of turpentine or oil of wintergreen.

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