Mandurah ten pin bowling

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Payment counter is located at high standing height. Upon request, a temporary ramp can be provided to descend into the sitting area. Moveable tables are 72cm high with 69cm knee clearance and a central pedestal.

Mandurah ten pin bowling

A true champion and icon of our sport. Click image to view larger Signage, customer displays and customer information Large, directional signage is visible from Mandurah Terrace.

Mandurah ten pin bowling

Mandurah ten pin bowling

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  1. Started bowling in and established herself as a champion. May has been a member of our sport for 37 years.

    Information is displayed in wall mounted glass cabinets ranging from sitting to standing height. The employee must be advised in advance that the employment is probationary and of the duration of the probation which can be up to but not exceeding three months.

    May has been a member of our sport for 37 years.

    In at the age of 11 Carol bowled in her first President Shield Team. The overhead display screen is in good colour contrast and an easy to read font.

    One cm wide accessible bowling lane is available.

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