Man with a broken heart

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So he can take all of me, and fully understand the value of my love. Let's say you've just been cheated on or dumped, or perhaps the perfect woman with whom things were going so great, suddenly, out of nowhere, has adopted an attitude of complete indifference. Chemistry off the charts.

Man with a broken heart

In some cases, it's not even feasible, such as if kids are in the picture, but in my experience, every act of communication, no matter how minute, was essentially "reopening the wound," meaning that all a conversation will do is give your mind even more garbage to deal with, and process, and re-process, and so on and so forth. Confidence recovers with time. Are scared of it.

Man with a broken heart

Man with a broken heart

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  1. One year prior I was absurdly happy, hopelessly in love.

    Men and women both have egos to protect, standards to temporarily relax, and times to direct their consciousness into. My ability to really listen and understand when something is bothering him.

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