Man ear piercings

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This style is more popular with punk lifestyle choices. A clean lifestyle in general will always help your piercings stay clean as well. Usually, a ball or a circular earring is worn in this part of the ear.

Man ear piercings

Piercing the area one inch above the standard lobe can help in curing back pains. Orbital piercing typically uses smooth rings that comes with two balls or even ball enclosures.

Man ear piercings

Man ear piercings

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  1. It's not a sign of infection on its own, so don't panic if there's a little leakage. You don't want to leave them open for more than a half-day or so if you can avoid it.

    Use your own judgment and knowledge of specific settings. Anti-Tragus piercings are done in the raised fold of the cartilage present on the outside of the ear.

    If you're only using soapy water, make sure it's at least an anti-microbial soap. If you go that route, make sure anything you put in your piercing is thoroughly sterilized, and change to a new one every day.

    Your basic concerns with earrings are keeping the piercings healthy, the jewelry clean, and the holes open if you have to go without visible piercings for a while. If there's a dress code involved, and it's requiring you to wear a suit and tie, it's probably worth leaving the earrings at home.

    You don't want to leave them open for more than a half-day or so if you can avoid it. Men have sported this look for decades.

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