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Stockholm wants to dramatically decrease the influx of asylum seekers coming into the country. Scared like hell, because, you known: According to Swedish police, hand-grenade attacks which were virtually unknown until a few years ago are without parallel in countries not at war.

Malmo muslim

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Malmo muslim

Malmo muslim

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  1. There is currently an amnesty for guns, allowing criminals to hand them over to police without penalty in order to get some of the weapons off the streets.

    Children as young as nine have been robbed at knifepoint.

    For Swedes, this has become a familiar theme. Dan Eliasson, departing head of the national police, complains that investigations are made difficult because no one will talk to the police.

    In November, some 50 cars were torched in a garage in a mainly immigrant suburb in Uppsala. We want to help them get out of it.

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