Make christian friends online

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A fan of Marshall University sports. I am a strong and committed Christian but I made a mistake this summer and am now serving 10 months in Juvenile Dept. I love God with all my heart and like to be around people who feel the same way.

Make christian friends online

And this gives you a very laid-back way to get to know them more and chat on occasion. Trying to start a homebased business designing board games.

Make christian friends online

Make christian friends online

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  1. Why not ask your current friends to help you expand your horizons?

    Serve in church musical and youth ministry. People say that I got a crazy sense of humor, find out for yourself.

    Volunteering is a great way to make a real difference in your community AND also meet some really awesome people!

    Find a good reason to get their phone number or email address. Chances are they know some people and would happy to introduce or include you.

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