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In conclusion, orgasms after surgery were experienced more intensely than before in the majority of women in our cohort and neoclitoral sensitivity seems to contribute to enjoyment of sexual activity to a greater extent than neovaginal depth. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of GAS on sexuality. After a successful sex change operation is done from male to female , if the patient wants to give birth to a child, is it possible?

Mail to femall sex chang

While neoclitoral sensitivity is unlikely to diminish, it is more likely that the neovaginal canal shrinks over time. Others may have persistently felt that throughout life. The self-reported enjoyment of sexual activity correlated significantly and to a greater extent with neoclitoral sensitivity than with neovaginal dimensions, which was not significant.

Mail to femall sex chang

Mail to femall sex chang

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  1. Van Hoorde et al.

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