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The menu is planned in consultation with a dietitian, rotates on a four-weekly cycle and offers multiple options — for instance, residents can always select from two choices for the main course. Specific dietary requirements can be catered for e. A kitchenette area is available so that visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with their loved one.

Macleod victoria

Residents are encouraged to engage with the local community through our lifestyle program — for example, they can enjoy scenic bus outings accompanied by morning or afternoon tea. Examples include exercises, games, concerts and movies, bus outings and more specialised interest groups, such as knitting circle and musical activities.

Macleod victoria

Macleod victoria

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    The comfort of familiar routines Our model of care at Strathalan prioritises consistent daily routines that reassure residents and inspire confidence. Examples include music therapy classes, pet visits and happy hour, as well as a walking group to make use of our tranquil gardens.


    Examples include exercises, games, concerts and movies, bus outings and more specialised interest groups, such as knitting circle and musical activities.

    Social and recreational support We take pride in offering a rich and stimulating environment for residents to promote their wellbeing. Room to host family and friends Visitors are welcome at Strathalan and we warmly invite family and friends to use our shared spaces and take part in activities when they are here.

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