Macarthur park camden

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Menangle Road was a dirt track winding out past the park and Hospital towards the Camden Park dairy homestead and the Estate itself. Fred Dowle was awarded the contract to plough the beds ready for tree planting.

Macarthur park camden

The palm trees on the southern end of the memorial gardens were planted by local returned soldiers after the - war. The range of hills to the south is Razorback Range - about metres high. At the base of the fountain is a stone drinking trough for the use of dogs.

Macarthur park camden

Macarthur park camden

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  1. The present cenotaph was created and built by the late Percy Butler and was paid for by public subscription. After two mishaps involving runaway horse wagons at the intersection, the Council decided that it should be removed and erected in the park in

    In a further tree planting programme was carried out and town water was laid on, so the trees could be watered.

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