Love songs of the 30s

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Blessed with perfect pitch, aside from a great natural talent, we can admire her in Its Magic, a million seller and the title song from her film known as Romance On The High Seas in the USA. Please email and we'll provide you with the most competitive price we can find.

Love songs of the 30s

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Love songs of the 30s

Love songs of the 30s

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Prisoner Of Joy - Lots Columbo Unlike Woogie - Warren Dorsey.

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  1. Like so many of the singers in this collection, Kay had staying power and was still singing as well as ever when she undertook a tour of the UK with Pat Boone in the s.

    A consummate singer, Dinah appeared in a few films, but never felt entirely at home in that medium. After six years as vocalist with the Ted Weem's Orchestra, Perry Como turned solo in - and never looked back.

    In The Mood - Glenn Miller 2.

    They enjoyed an early hit with Straighten Up And Fly Right, recorded at their first recording session for the fledgling label.

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