Love and relationship addiction

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The addicted person may develop alcohol-related complications or eating disorders that carry their own set of harmful physical and emotional consequences. Consequently, without this nurturing, a child may develop poor self-esteem, lack in confidence, and insecurity.

Love and relationship addiction

Other addictions sex, drugs, alcohol. When family members and friends point out addictive behavior, the addicted person may respond with denial, aggression, or hostility. So, can too much love really be a bad thing?

Love and relationship addiction

Love and relationship addiction

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  1. Other addictions sex, drugs, alcohol. After the initial lust and attraction stages, the two people idealize each other and then attach to each other.

    The emotional pain of losing a loved one or facing rejection often feels overwhelming for this person, and since love addiction involves the same areas of the brain as other types of addiction, this person may easily transition to drugs or alcohol. This is why they tend to enter into relationships with people who lack emotional boundaries or have difficulty thinking for themselves.

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