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Author This autobiography is a series of interrelated true-life events and decisions taken by a black philosopher that highlight the human drama unfolding in the inferno of the South African apartheid system. And this is, in fact, precisely what Netflix is purporting to engineer:

Looking for black

Isn't this what he wants? It didn't require a remote control. It's harder than you think.

Looking for black

Looking for black

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  1. But that choice quickly ends the movie, by jumping ahead to the completion of a mediocre, dissatisfying video game, much like the mediocre, dissatisfying story we are now a part of. Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker concludes the New York Times article by warning anyone who wants to create more interactive stories to "run away.

    And if the plan was to actually watch a movie, then we really have only one choice:

    But the selling point was not the story—it was that it looked like a cartoon. IMDB Like video games and Choose Your Own Adventure books, the interactive format of Bandersnatch is supposed to allow viewers the chance to control the story, unlike the purportedly passive nature of conventional film and television.

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