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In the arena of politics and media today, the sexual lives of women who are public figures and journalists become part of the debate, detracting from the actual issue at hand. But as Doc Marge points out in her preface, the commitment to addressing controversial topics remains unchanged. She graciously welcomed me to her home and one of the first things I saw was this huge pile of letters—all different kinds of paper and stationery, varied types of handwriting, addressed to her from all over the Philippines.

Life love lust online

And often, it sticks out like a neon sign in my inbox: Today we have to deal with misogyny and the persistence of the double standard.

Life love lust online

Life love lust online

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  1. Doc Marge provides a soft touch, but with brisk professionalism that comes with years of training in clinical psychology. A middle-aged executive seduces a younger man, and enjoys the occasional rendezvous with him at a city hotel.

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