Letting go of control in relationships

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In some cases and in certain situations, the answer to this question may be "no. When we accept them as they are, we allow the love currents to unfold naturally so that they can just relax and be themselves, offering their love and kindness without pressure or expectations.

Letting go of control in relationships

Fear my family would never be who I needed them to be. The Magnet Theory of Intimacy I like to think of the intimacy dynamic in terms of trying to connect two magnets. Surrendering is about consciously choosing to trust and have faith.

Letting go of control in relationships

Letting go of control in relationships

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  1. Hence, the very thing I had sought—intimacy—came to me only after I stopped trying to seek it!

    When he was young, he had no choice but to put up with my intrusions. In your love relationships, lower your expectations of your partner—and of yourself.

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