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Evidence that comes from the usefulness of priming and practice in reducing TOT states is that most information in TOT states is low-frequency; that is, it has not been used or recalled for some time. Do you know human memory has 3 parts:


The areas activated during TOT may vary depending on the nature of the target word. The chances are, after the session these genius people remember the word.



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  1. Not much is known about the exact function of these areas in the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. Lorazepam may create conditions where alternative answers come to mind more easily.

    Other times you might say the exact thing that helps the person go from seemingly mad to cool as a cucumber. It has been observed that the probability of experiencing a TOT state depends on the age at which the word is acquired in life:

    It is found that older and younger individuals employ a similar network of brain regions during TOT states such as the prefrontal cortex , left insula , and sensorimotor cortex.

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