Leos and virgos compatibility

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Both sun signs are devoted to their families, and will do anything to protect and nurture them, so this pairing shares a common dream which is wonderful for raising a family. They are both set in their ways, but also have a unique understanding between them. Hence, tempers might flare between the Virgo and Leo , causing serious problems to their equation.

Leos and virgos compatibility

Virgo works hard behind the scenes, scheduling appointments and following up on details Leo has lost interest in. It is rare for these partners to form a strong emotional or sexual bond, however well they might get along when it comes to work and communication. This gives them an advantage because they do not let fear stand in the way of their goals.

Leos and virgos compatibility

Leos and virgos compatibility

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  1. Leo is extroverted, dominant, and charismatic, and often has a short fuse. The Romantic Idealist Leos are dynamic , generous, playful, and love with abandon.

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