Lambda architecture

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Which also would allow the developers to define delta rules in the form of code logic or natural language processing NLP in event-based data processing models to achieve robustness, automation and efficiency and improve the data quality. The complexity of the code can be times a traditional data warehouse architecture.

Lambda architecture

Conclusion In short the choice between Lambda and Kappa architectures seems like a tradeoff. For instance if someone interact with a web page or a social network profile, the events like page view, likes or Add as a Friend request etc… are triggering events that can be processed or enriched and the data stored in a database.

Lambda architecture

Lambda architecture

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  1. Output from the batch and speed layers are stored in the serving layer, which responds to ad-hoc queries by returning precomputed views or building views from the processed data.

    Stream processing platforms can interact with database at any time. The efficiency of this architecture becomes evident in the form of increased throughput, reduced latency and negligible errors.

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