Lack of sex in marriage grounds for divorce

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I can also imagine laughing at the idea of sex. I think this does a great disservice to men, because yes it is a physical thing but for many men, if not most, sex is about expressing love, emotion, closeness, desire, and reinforcing the bond with their mate - one of the few ways they are allowed to express their emotions. People always think it's the husband's fault; and it often isn't.

Lack of sex in marriage grounds for divorce

Painful sex can also be a problem for some women. Then you start feeling like you've been taken for a ride.

Lack of sex in marriage grounds for divorce

Lack of sex in marriage grounds for divorce

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  1. However, going sexless is not healthy from a physical, emotional and mental perspective. She approaches the thought of touching you with "gross" and "no thanks!

    Going beyond surveys and entering the realm of statistics, we know that around 40 percent of marriages end in divorce.

    There is contempt in this relationship and frankly, some cruelty she agrees to get blood work done to assess her libido, finds out she's hormonally OK, and then reverts back to rarely having sex?

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