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Some of them also argued that entire Tamil Nadu , entire Indian peninsula south of Vindhyas or even entire India were a part of Kumari Kandam. But never they lost their contact with the Southern World.

Kumari kandam wiki

Subrahmanian, writing in , described the Lemuria myth as the most characteristic example of "anti-history" in Tamil Nadu. The commentator Adiyarkunallar mentions that the lost land extended from Pahruli river in the north to the Kumari river in the South.

Kumari kandam wiki

Kumari kandam wiki

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  1. When Kumari Kandam was submerged, its people spread across the world and founded various civilisations, hence the claim that the lost continent was also the cradle of human civilisation. As long as the subject is notable, and the article is clear in indicating that it is a myth, I think it's fine.

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