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Allow the pot to dry before adding about litres of oil. I made a list of all of the female composers I know in New York who were actively writing musicals and operas, and I came up with about forty names.


Remeber that the standard measuring cup is ml, the equivalent is that peak tin milk cup that most market women use for measuring 30 naira garri. Add two and half cups of flour to a bowl, about g , two teaspoons of yeast, add the ground nutmeg, add a pinch of salt to taste, 3 spoons of granulated sugar and start stirring with your hand and make sure they are properly mixed together. Actually, when you drop the bartar into the oil, it may sink first, then rise to the surface.



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  1. When you get it right, it should be somewhat spherical and sometimes with a horn. You can taste at this point and add more salt and sugar if there is any need for a little more; then go ahead and stir a little more.

    Now that is how to make puff puff.

    Now add ml of warm water to mix properly, stir with your hand for few more minutes until they are properly integrated together.

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