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Koroit, Yowah, and Quilpie. Ironstone concretions of different sizes are contained in the soft sandstone layer. Opal jeweler Mark Anthony Hodges hosted us in his opal store on the main street.

Koroit qld

This discovery caused a small opal rush at the Koroit field. The state is extensively covered by the opal-bearing Desert Sandstone formation of Upper Cretaceous age, with more than , km2 of land available for exploration and potential mining.

Koroit qld

Koroit qld

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  1. On many occasions the precious opal is spread out through cracks in its host rock or just attached to the surface of host rock as a thin layer; therefore it is not practical or even possible to separate it from the rock. Today Koroit is one of the best opal-producing areas in Australia.

    The authors enjoyed looking at and recording some of the most stunning samples that Mark had collected over time.

    Some are not actively mined anymore due to drought or lack of salable production.

    As we flew over the opal fields, all the good memories of this magical gem and people came alive once again. It is extremely stable and the hard sand stone makes it perfect for use in everyday jewelry.

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