Kissing on forehead body language

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Other possible meanings Depending upon the stage of relationship that one is, this selfless kiss may be an indication of many things. When you do mean business, do place that kiss near the mouth or closer to the ear.

Kissing on forehead body language

A sense of responsibility and protectiveness Modernism has introduced many new terms in our lives, including 'casual relationships. However, those who truly see you as an integral part of their lives, not only as of now, but always, are likely to bestow these soft pecks of sweet nothings on you, especially when they want to convey that they will always be by your side, protecting you responsibly all along. Apparently it started with US soldiers coming back home from WW1, describing the French as more sexually adventurous and lustful.

Kissing on forehead body language

Kissing on forehead body language

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  1. So go up to him, compliment him and get yourself a date next time you see a good looking man staring! With this tiny little action that you may not even notice, someone might want to make social contact with you, and they want you to acknowledge them too.

    A platonic kiss on the cheek is brief, the non platonic is a little longer. There are a few key differences:

    Homepage - Haptics - Kissing Part 1 Part 2 - Kiss Types Part 3 We looked at the reasons behind why we kiss, but since we're in the interpretation of body language business it's also a good idea to look at the different kiss types and their meaning.

    When a man wants you, he will want to get as close to you as possible, not using their arms as a shield and leaning away from you! Image Source Because this kind of kiss is a symbol of how sexual and passionate a couple is, many feel they need to prove themselves and perfect the tongue kissing.


    Sweating can occur when we are hot, which can come from external temperature, exercise and also inner energy and arousal. Kiss of respect Image Source Kissing on equal ground, like a kiss on the cheek, shows mutual respect, where's no side dominates the other.

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