Kissing benefits facts

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These fish have been shown experimentally to be able to home in on chemical cues from the water in which they developed into adults. Female Antarctic fur seals, for example, can return to within one body length of their exact birthplaces to breed.

Kissing benefits facts

Some evolutionary psychologists think that crying may have evolved as a distress call that brings help: Laughter doesn't appear to be a uniquely human behavior, and it may not even be limited to primates. A leading hypothesis for why we laugh is that laughter promotes pro-social behavior by letting playmates know that the fighting is just a game.

Kissing benefits facts

Kissing benefits facts

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  1. A leading hypothesis for why we laugh is that laughter promotes pro-social behavior by letting playmates know that the fighting is just a game. But no matter how sleeping arose , we can probably accept that it provided a substantial evolutionary advantage once in place, since sleep is found across much of the animal kingdom.

    But the molecular basis of general anesthesia is more of a mystery. This sad state of affairs is likely due to insufficient research:

    No one has figured out a way to perfectly model turbulent flow.

    Acetaminophen byproducts have also been shown to activate these channels rather than shutting them down, further complicating the question. Rats produce laughter when tickled , for example, and many other social animals, such as dolphins [ PDF ], make specific sounds associated with play-fighting that have been likened to laughter.

    But evidence showing that the chemical differences have substantial psychological effects—let alone that such effects explain why crying evolved—is lacking. At least they give you an excuse to eat peanut butter by the spoonful.

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