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Dye Tool, used to pick out colors already used somewhere in the canvas. The picture can then be distorted using various buttons. Kid Pix 3D is not a game.


The CD came with various sample clips to watch. The user can animate them like a real puppet including choosing facial expressions by hitting various keys on the keyboard. Publisher Description Modern doodling Kids are naturally curious.



Facing tools is a bit soon as the newly prompt tool does not become exclusively kidspixs an facade shows the old hat being put back in its grade and the kidspixs one being own kidspixs. Rider Puppets[ fair ] Fifteen pre-made upright puppets are provided in this preference. Screenshot of Kid Pix Deluxe 3D. Kidspixs

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  1. Dye Tool, used to pick out colors already used somewhere in the canvas. Play Button, upon being clicked, the animated clip art on the page would animate, the selected sound if any would begin to play and text typed would be spoken by the selected voice.

    Every time after you do a change to your project such as adding an object, drawing or deleting something, you have the opportunity to save it by pressing the Flipbook button. Other Tools[ edit ] Sound tool, allows you to record your own sounds to add to your pictures e.

    Circle Tool, similar to the Square Tool.

    Several buttons are available for use in this feature, which allows users to watch the movies in several different ways, like in reverse or flipped screen.

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