Kangaroo ground

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Check-in instructions were straight forward, the heater in the living room was switched on prior to our arrival making it warm and cosy the moment we arrived. The village location was settled in , being on hilly but relatively open woodland with good soil. She was more than happy to take us down and even cut up some apples and carrots to feed them.

Kangaroo ground

Already planning my next trip there: In a school began and Presbyterian church services gained their first permanent abode. The Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade was formed in and continues to be a significant community focus.

Kangaroo ground

Kangaroo ground

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  1. Balcony, BBQ, lounge and pool all overlook the vista. The Kangaroo Ground Fire Brigade was formed in and continues to be a significant community focus.

    Already planning my next trip there: They were overtaken by other more productive locations and dairying became viable with milk transport available on the Hurstbridge railway line.

    We will be coming back!

    The biggest impression for me was when we asked if we could go see her horses as my girlfriend used to ride. Apart from the usual amenities, there were also lots of other things provided like milk, juice, cereal and bottled water.

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