John stone dating ruf

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Rough-outs are glued to a metal chuck and turned on a lathe, sometimes using pieces of broken grinding wheels. Recently discovered deposits in China have produced fluorite with colouring and banding similar to the classic Blue John stone.

John stone dating ruf

Irradiating the discoloured Blue John in a nuclear reactor can bring the colour back. The earliest dated decorative applications of Blue John in Britain are those in use as fireplace panels. After resining, the stones are cut on a circular saw.

John stone dating ruf

John stone dating ruf

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  1. If the regular arrangement of atoms in the fluorite molecules are disturbed or dislocated, then this may yield the blue colour in Blue John.

    Blue John in its natural state Heating stones in the oven Hot stones in a vat of hot resin Unresined left and resined right Blue John Sawing a block Part-worked piece on the lathe Working a piece on a lathe Polishing A finished ornament For making jewellery, thin slices are marked out and cut into shapes such as circles or ovals, then finished on a grinding wheel. A final high polish is added using putty powder finely crushed tin dioxide applied with a moist piece of felt.

    By , the output is said to have been limited to 3 tons per annum.

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