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To me the real problem that I have with ICOs is that the tech has a lot of pontetnial but going back to design its kind of I'm I get kind of emotional because the whole point of doing this stuff is that we think the financial systems are ripping us off because people in the cookie jar were stealing cookies. So Joi, where did it all go wrong? When yuo think about corporations they behave like an AI that we don't have yet.

Joey ito

His story is well-known in the digital community. I think there's two things personally, I would never want to be involved in a company right now for an ICO even if it's impossible to do something bad, because we're right now we're attracting all the wrong people

Joey ito

Joey ito

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  1. Even if you execute a perfect ICO and you don't make any unfairly make any money, then I think it would still attract the wrong people that we are supposed to hate.

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