Jetlag cures

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All you have to do is get as much sun light on the body and in the eye avoid glasses or contacts for optimal results. Plan ahead to determine the best times for light exposure based on your departure and destination points and overall sleep habits.

Jetlag cures

Side effects are uncommon, but may include nausea, vomiting, amnesia, sleepwalking, confusion and morning sleepiness. Choose caffeinated drinks wisely. The body has its own internal clock, I explain this in more detail in this article on blue light and sleep and researchers have discovered a master gene responsible for sleep and wake cycles.

Jetlag cures

Jetlag cures

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  1. Bright light therapy This involves exposure to a special artificial light at certain times to help reinforce your body clock and ease the transition to a new time zone.

    Once you land in your final destination aim to get as much natural sunlight on your face, body and through your eyes.

    Melatonin Melatonin supplements can help your body adjust to jet lag by adjusting your circadian rhythms. When the time for the trip comes, your sleep schedule should be relatively close to that of your destination.

    This source of the free negative ions is of course the earth itself. There are remedies and behavioral adjustments that can help you overcome jet lag after you travel:

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