Jerrys plains

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A section of the cellars was constructed by convicts in There are arched lancet windows and the walls are of rough-faced sandstone.

Jerrys plains

It is still an impressive building. George Bowman was squatting on the land as early as and he progressively purchased it between and It is km via the Newcastle Freeway and Cessnock.

Jerrys plains

Jerrys plains

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    School and Police Station One block from the town's main street, up Piribil Street, is Doyle Street which has so many impressive buildings it has been classified by the National Trust.

    This name was never used.

    Certainly John Howe, who led an expedition through the district in , reported that one of his Aboriginal guides, a man named Myles, informed him that the local Kamilaroi people called the area 'Pullmyheri' or 'Pullumunbra'. This name was never used.

    The Bowman family sold Arrowfield in They followed the Hunter downstream to where Jerrys Plains now stands before returning to Sydney.

    It is km via the Newcastle Freeway and Cessnock.

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