Jekyll and hyde syndrome emotional abuse

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The right to live free from accusation and blame. Sorry to hear you are one of them. We experience a healthy feeling of responsibility, even if we can justify what we did or said.

Jekyll and hyde syndrome emotional abuse

All it takes is one or more failed relationships, and a few hard knocks to put you in a state of vulnerability where you can become susceptible to this insidious self-esteem killer. The decision to leave was very hard but the best thing I ever did.

Jekyll and hyde syndrome emotional abuse

Jekyll and hyde syndrome emotional abuse

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  1. Know that you are not alone and that this is much more common than most people realize.

    Sorry to hear you are one of them. I just kept remembering how I felt in the beginning of the relationship vs.

    Unfortunately, victims of emotional abuse are overwhelmed with feelings of worthlessness, and often times so paralyzed by their fear of being alone, that they cannot muster the courage to leave the abusive relationship. I am an educated woman that makes decent money and can easily move out with and start a new life but yet still feel helpless.

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