Jealous of other women

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Nobody likes a braggart, and it is hard to be friends with someone if they use their wealth to make others feel jealous. Rarely does this elective competition actually serve us. Where are your feelings coming from?

Jealous of other women

If you still struggle to connect with a person because of the power and social imbalance associated with your sizes, then understand that sometimes, you can't be close friends with everyone. Back to the issue at hand. Try to be discreet about your capital—especially if your friends don't have the same financial background as you.

Jealous of other women

Jealous of other women

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  1. Akinozragore

    Jealousy of other women manifests itself in a variety of ways. Where are your feelings coming from?

    A plus-sized woman may be less open and friendly towards a thin person. Being supportive and caring toward other women serves all of us.

    Maybe it would help you to really come to grips with the fact that we all have lots of different people in our lives, all who serve a different kind of purpose.

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