Itune billing account

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You can also update the security on your account or other preferences from this page, but you can't remove a payment method from this page. Swipe up to Purchase History and tap it.

Itune billing account

If you receive email notifications about your purchases, the email might not be from Apple or reflect actual charges to your account. This list is subject to change. On the Receipts tab Tap or click the Receipts tab to view your purchase receipts for the past 90 days.

Itune billing account

Itune billing account

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  1. If you have any concerns about this process, contact your card issuer or financial institution.

    Select Mobile Phone Billing. If you share your devices If you share your device with others, including young children, learn how to manage your password preferences.

    If you still don't see an option to use a mobile number, then your carrier might not support mobile phone billing.

    Make sure that your name and billing address exactly match the information on file with your financial institution, then click Done. A browser window opens.

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