Issa associates degree

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Anonymous i just started the exercise therapy and rehab certification, and fitness nutrition. People generally don't care about your certification; they just want to see results.

Issa associates degree

The essays force you to do research and go outside of their text, which is a learning experience in itself. I have found ISSA's material to be very rigorous and informative, and there's no way a "kid out of high school could flip through the book and pass. I had 2 books and you have to make 5 workout plans, essays, etc.

Issa associates degree

Issa associates degree

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  1. Anonymous Is there anybody out there that can fill me in on the program issa offers about getting an assoicates degree through them. It's just messed up.

    The pass rate is probably really high.

    Anonymous ISSA is a very good certification, but it is not enough! Men have larger hearts and lungs and, therefore, higher stroke volumes.

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