Is sex a need or want

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I see this happening all the time. Although sex drive is vital for the survival of our species, many of us can live without ever giving in to the drive. It is like the bottom of the ocean.

Is sex a need or want

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Is sex a need or want

Is sex a need or want

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  1. A need refers to something you cannot survive without and a want is something, that you can survive without, although you think you cannot.

    According to Byron Katie, to believe that you need what you don't have is a definition of insanity. They sublimated their libidos into science and philosophy, writing thick books that generations of University students have cursed ever since.

    What stays is our consciousness. The worldly pleasures and indulgences are temporary at their best.

    Try it and tell me what you think. One tends to mourn one's lost assets, no matter what they are.

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