Is my life boring quiz

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Is my life boring quiz

Question 18 What do you think of this? There have been studies that suggest boredom, or daydream, while we're bored, is a coping mechanism to deal with what is presently going on around us. Yes, but only because I'm a nice person I will say any lie to get out of it I think it will be fun and so cute!

Is my life boring quiz

Is my life boring quiz

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  1. It's a paper clip Why am I looking at a paper clip? Most of the time, they just lay there, and it's not like they're resting from their mentally and physically demanding lives.

    If you're a visible minority you pretty much get a free pass on this one, as you've almost certainly been pulled over. Question 25 What do you think of this idea?


    Secondly, it usually involves drinking, which instantly makes it a party classic.

    Flown in a Plane Agree Disagree Flying represents a fear for many people, one which never entirely goes away, even after many flights.

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