Is it normal to shave pubic hair for guys

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Research has shown that men who keep their pubic hair have a lower chance of getting warts. For you first timers, trimming and then finishing up with a razor can make the job much more manageable and less painful. It's showerproof, cordless and has a 4-way pivoting head for maximum maneuverability around the boys.

Is it normal to shave pubic hair for guys

Sometimes this results in cases of razor burn, ingrown hair, razor bumps and allergic reactions which all turn out to be a bother. Do you have stories, videos or pictures you would like to share with the world? If so, get prepared.

Is it normal to shave pubic hair for guys

Is it normal to shave pubic hair for guys

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  1. It gets irritated fast by the minor things like a blunt razor, a shaving cream and other methods used to get rid of hair. When this happens for pubes, the a few days old stubble causes an itch that is made worse by the sensitivity of the skin around the genitals.

    Simply click on Post Your Story button placed at the top of the website. However, confidence is key when it comes to performance, so no judgment here.

    Nobody wants to nick or cut the family jewels.

    Purchase of the shaving tools may also be an unwanted expense considering the hair will keep growing back.

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