Iq and narcissism

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While the relationship between narcissism and intellectual intelligence has been studied, albeit with some issues, the relationship between narcissism and emotional intelligence has not yet been studied. They are easily frustrated and demoralized and are unable to cope with disagreement and criticism.

Iq and narcissism

Firm in the view that they are charismatic leaders, they seek out new audiences, and new admirers to supplement or replace the old ones. This indicates that narcissistic overestimation could be due to a structural overconfidence.

Iq and narcissism

Iq and narcissism

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  1. Their following grows when friends of friends join their admiration society. Most were university students of Dutch nationality.

    But they steadily amassed a following on the strength of their emotional intelligence, ending up ahead in the friendship contest. Although average or high IQ was central to initial conceptualizations of psychopathy, IQ is typically negatively associated with oppositional defiant disorder ODD and conduct disorder CD.

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