Interracial dating little rock

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She lives in Little Rock, the heart of Arkansas, and enjoys traveling, attending the theater, calling the Hogs during Arkansas Razorback football season, spending time with family and friends, and, a perfectly shaken Ketel One Cosmopolitan martini. My hope is that, by the time that my children become parents, their own interracial marriages and biracial children will be more the norm than the exception.

Interracial dating little rock

There are now 4. Thanks for traveling with us around the globe!

Interracial dating little rock

Interracial dating little rock

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  1. This is a far cry from my tenth grade year, , when there was no way that I could have publicly dated a boy of a different race.

    I would not have been free to love the man of my choosing. If I lived during that era, without a doubt, my children would have never existed.

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