International gemological information

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In fact, lighting, mounting choice and even the clothes one wears have an impact on color, so IGI uses the most neutral environment possible to ensure accurate and consistent results. IGI expert gemologists use state-of-the-art equipment in order to accurately assess the diamond's 4Cs and all other relevant characteristics. Country of origin is stated on the report if the gemological analysis conclusively reveals it.

International gemological information

These reports can be converted into Appraisal Reports upon request. This is known as dispersion.

International gemological information

International gemological information

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  1. The rest of the ray penetrates the stone and moves through it. Additional grading characteristics such as the finish, girdle, culet and fluorescence are also detailed on the certificate.

    The most popular diamond in the age of modern electric lighting is the Round Brilliant. The planning, proportions, cutting precision and details of finish determine how brilliant, dispersive and scintillating the diamond will be.

    A diagram of the diamond displaying any inclusions is also included on the certificate.


    The Report clearly states whether the stone is natural or synthetic, provides other data describing its shape, cut, weight, measurements, color, transparency, and major characteristics, and also includes a detailed photograph of the stone. The certificate identifies the variety of the gemstone, its shape, carat weight, cut, color quality, measurements, transparency factor and major optical characteristics.

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